Sorry, no open positions at the Cynical Economist. Cannot afford to pay anyone, so it is still one man operation. But, if you are looking for a job try the sites below: The official job site of the US Federal Government Bank Jobs Bank jobs2 Job search made simple Pathways to career success Finance, banking and Accounting jobs Careers in finance Search job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages Employment opportunities Jobs bank If relocation is an option here are some jobs in Atlanta Career Advice, Jobs by Industry and More CIA jobs Entry Level Job Site – If you take a pay cut they will be more than willing to hire experienced professional College recruiters – Same as the above applies here Cover Letters & Thank You Letters Resume builder Entry level positions FBI jobs Fed jobs Fed jobs + good links and help Fidelity bank Finance jobs Careers Very good site to look for contract work Top jobs Job openings Job Sniper Recruiters site Recruiters specializing in banking and finance recruiting Resume samples Staffing agency Staffing agency Yahoo Jobs Top Jobs sites Entry level jobs Job site MSN careers Recruiters for investment, banking jobs WSJ career pages – a lot of info, news, advices CareerBuilder Bank jobs

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