World Trade Organization (WTO) – News, info, statisticson international trade

World Bank – Economic and demographic data on 206 countries. Economic forecasts and data sources

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) – Data and articles on USA international trade, capital flows and other international economic matters.

Wall Street Journal – International and domestic business news

Financial Times – International financial news and data

The Economist – National and international economic and financial stories and data

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) – News, analysis and data on international finance and economics

Finance Department of Ohio State University – Links to many Web sites for economics and finance

International Data Base (IDB) – Stattistics for 227 countries

Dismal – 65 economic releases for 15 countries

Report Gallery – Links to annual reports of over 2200 companies

Current and Historic FX Data – Time series and charts

Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Info on USA Interventions in the FX market

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – Links to vvarious central banks of the world. Colection of speaches by senior central bankers here

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis – Current and historical dataon FX rates

Federal Reserve Bank – Historical FX rate data

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